Psychotherapy is an opportunity to meet regularly (usually weekly) with a person who’s role is to apply their skills, encouragement and their compassionate presence to exploring issues or topics of your choice alongside you. The aim is for you to achieve greater awareness and therefore to be able to identify and give space to your feelings, notice your habitual responses, and consider the full extent of your options.

Some people come in response to a clearly defined difficulty such as losing their job or a relationship breakdown. Some come in response to confusing or uncomfortable feelings such as anxiety or depression, the cause of which is unknown. Still others come because life is going well and they want to take time to really appreciate that. 

Sometimes the things that bring us to psychotherapy can feel really big and can be interfering with our ability to function in our day-to-day life. Equally, an issue may seem fairly minor but we suspect that life could be a little bit easier or more enjoyable if we were only able to see clearly and resolve whatever is bothering us. Working out what is actually happening for you, being deeply listened to in the telling of your story, and validated in your experience can dissolve a lot of tension and distress. This can then leave you free to let go of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are no longer serving you, or to make changes in your life if you want to.

Part of the therapeutic process is to encourage and support you to discover and utilise what nourishes you in your life. What is it that makes life satisfying and gives you joy and meaning? How can you bring more of this into each day?