From all the years I’ve spent working with young adults I am aware that you are not in fact an alien race with completely different reasons for maybe wanting psychotherapy to the rest of us, and completely different needs if you do come and see me! However, young adulthood is full of transitions and new challenges and personally I found some of them quite overwhelming. To make it even more confusing people keep telling you you’re meant to be having the time of your life! For this reason I want to offer a specialised service for young adults.   

Here are some examples of issues that you might choose for us to explore together:  

·         Challenges around leaving home, arriving at uni, leaving foster care etc

·         Changing or challenging relationships with family, friends or partners

·         Anxiety

·         Depression

·         Difficult feelings about food

·         Challenges with sexual identity

·         Drinking or taking more drugs than you want to

·         Self-harming

·         Low self esteem

If you want to, please get in touch :)  

07759 078180